Utilize Google AdSense to monetize your site in 3 easy steps

by Kevin on February 8, 2012

If you operate a website for your small business, using Google Adsense can be the perfect way to monetize it. Google Adwords customers pay for ads that Adsense places on your site, and then you get a cut of the action whenever someone clicks the ad(s). Although the service probably won’t turn a profit that will make you independently wealthy, many webmasters have made a significant amount money through their Adsense earnings. To get maximum returns when using Adsense on your site, follow these three tips.

1. Optimize ad locations.

Google will figure out what kinds of ads to put on your website using their algorithms to find the perfect match between ad content and your page. One of the few things that you as a webmaster have to worry about is where to put them. Take a tip from Google’s own results pages and arrange your ads on the right-hand sidebar. Banner ads have their place in certain situations, but they must be used wisely to avoid turning off visitors to your website. For example, look at how thisĀ  surety bond company website reserves the header for crucial conversion content, such as contract information.

2. Leverage in-page search.

A terrific way to use Adsense is by putting a Google search bar on your web pages. Google’s embedded search field allows you to specify whether users get search results from your own page or from the Internet at large. If they click on Adsense ads through these results, you’ll still get a cut of the revenue. It’s hands down one of the easiest ways to use Adsense, as well as one of the most popular. Just be sure your content is well-written before you try to do it.

3. Don’t overdo it.

An important thing to remember is to avoid going overboard when it comes to the number of advertisements displayed on your pages. People don’t really mind seeing simple, unobtrusive ads from time to time. In some cases, those ads can even be just what they were looking for. But bombarding visitors with advertising is a surefire way to drive away your fan base. Limit the Adsense ads to a reasonable amount and your online presence should be fine.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, how much money you make through Adsense is completely up to you. One of the greatest things about deriving income from advertising on the web is that the sky is truly the limit. In order to realize the greatest revenue possible, you’ll have to regularly review your analytics and split test pages to find the optimal configuration for Adsense ads. With a bit of experimentation, you can easily discover the best way to incorporate Google’s Adsense into your website for stellar results and profits.

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